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                                                    WELL EQUIPPED & ADVANCED LABS

The College Laboratories contain all the advanced equipments for creating new materials and drugs for an environmental sympathetic manner and Students can learn here scientific practical techniques relating to materials testing and electronic devices.
                                                                   CHEMISTRY LAB
All necessary instruments like Stirrers, hot plates, microplates, rubber stoppers for test tubes, filter paper, pH meters, periodic tables, incubator, spatulas, mortar & pestles, desiccators, pipettes & droppers, lab coats, a kit about electrochemistry, water bath etc. are available in Chemistry lab.

                                                                       PHYSICS LAB                                                                                        


The Physics laboratory is well equipped with  hot plates, amplifier, transistor, rectifier, battery eliminator, desks, tables, benches , gas, water, vacuum lines, gloves, goggles & eyewash stations, balances & mass sets, glasswares, calculators, batteries, magnets etc.

                                                                   ZOOLOGY LAB                                                                                          


The all basic equipments like Dissecting Microscopes, Compound Microscopes,  Dissection box, Animal specimen, centrifugal machine, blood analysis, hand magnifying lens, laboratory spatulas, pH meter and countless other lab supplies & resources are available in Zoology lab.
                                                                        BOTANY LAB                                                                                        
The Botany Lab is well equipped with all the basic instruments, apparatus,  specimens, Microscopes, Slides, Test Tubes, Petri Dishes, Beakers, Flasks, Binocular Light Microscopes, pH Meter, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Digital Weighing Balance, Laminar air flow, auto clave and other resources.

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